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Stefan Halfpap

Research Assistant @ TU Berlin

HPI Alumnus

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Hi 👋

I am a data management researcher and software engineer from Berlin.

Recently, I joined Prof. Markl's Database Systems and Information Management group at TU Berlin.

Before, I was a research assistant in the Enterprise Platform and Integration Concepts group of Prof. Plattner at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. My dissertation is titled “Integer Linear Programming‐Based Heuristics for Partially Replicated Database Clusters and Selecting Indexes”.

I loved my time as a PhD student, particularly (i) conducting research, (ii) working with other researchers and students, (iii) teaching, and (iv) coding: (i) The reason for my passion for research can be summarized by the following quote of Peter Bailis’ blog post “I loved graduate school”: » [...] by the time you’re done with your dissertation, you’ll have answered questions no one ever answered (or possibly asked) before.« (ii) During my time at university, conferences, and Schloss Dagstuhl, I have met many other enthusiastic and inspiring people (I still admire Andy Pavlo for his love to databases.). (iii) For me, teaching is a great chance to educate and inspire other people. (iv) Naturally, I also love building software, including contributions to our open‐source platform for evaluating index selection algorithms, supporting the development of the Hyrise database system, and implementing demonstrations of research systems.